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-*REWARDS FOR VOTING SOON TO BE IN EFFECT*- We have the current mods enabled via the FTB Monster. And more! How to install these mods and get them working, check out the webpage. ThaumicTinkerKAMI_j6 SpecialMobs 2.6 For MC 1.6.2 Blood Magic v1.0.1e Carpenter's Blocks v2.1.0 - MC 1.6 gregtechmod408s Hats2.1.6 HatStand2.1.0 Morph-Beta0.7.1 traincraft-4.1.4_024 Lycanitesmobs1.5.1c(stable) [MC1.6.4] EnhancedPortals-1.6.4-3.0.0b5e We are just run by two people, me and my brother. Both enjoy FTB Monster tons. One knows alot about computers, other likes to beautify and make things fun for people. Looking forward to having you in our community. Tons of fun, no whitelist. Grief prevention protection, tons more plugins!

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