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The Official Coracraft network! [ always the latest version of mc ] Our servers are built to optimize the best possible FPS and experiences every player dreams of. Most of our servers have custom plugins allowing players to do things they can't on other networks... We are unique from the ground up! With ground breaking Devs working day and night fixing bugs and adding loads of cool things. Like for example! Creative : 2049x2049 sized plots Not impressed huh... Well what if you could have unlimited worldedit! With no limits. No cool down and no need to vote to get access to it. Every creative player get's access to the same commands. But we do have a leveling system that you rank up! You can rank up by playing on that server! Also voting on creative gives you money! This money can be turned into coins and your coins will eventually build up on hub so you can purchase in game keys and pets and other cool things on the hub! Skyblock : Custom islands | custom crates | 1.11 | Skyblock has some amazing textures, to a custom spawn, to a custom island, Our builders have worked really hard to bring you the best possible skyblock experience, We have worked hard over the past 3 days to release skyblock, So we hope you would take the time to come on and explore a little. We accept everyone. We will give you a chance. If you want to have a go at making your own custom skyblock island, Request to on our forums. Every day coracraft gives away a few voting keys to players who are active. So the more active you are the higher chance you have of obtaining loads of keys :) We also give away donation ranks and kits in our custom crate plugin. If you want to come on and test this out for your self. All you have to do is go on skyblock then vote and you obtain 1 voting key. right click it on /warp votecrate and you're done XD that simple :) We hope to see you on our custom skyblock server!

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