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  Online Players 0/8
  Minecraft Version 1.1.0
  Country CA
  Owner NaruSenpai
  Tags Survival Faction PvP Raiding 
  Website https://vysteria.enjin.com/
  Last update 492117 minute(s) ago
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Prepare for battle. Form a guild and fight to be the new royals of Vysteria. Duel, raid, and grief your way to the top and present your skills to the hero Jasper Monell and his Elite Four. Anything goes, but all will be considered in the decision of who will rule Vysteria. Will your guild build the country up or return it to ruin? [Custom Built Plugins, Economics, Land Claim, PVP, Raiding] Our Guilds plugin gives the server a unique feel and the PVP is enhanced by our set of custom weapons. Come experience Vysteria today! Vysteria is currently being fought over by many different guilds, your goal is to join these warring guilds and to destroy anyone who challenges you. You can view guild commands in game using "/g help" or on our forums. Be aware when you create a guild that a daily tax is imposed on any guild who owns land, these taxes can be hefty but there is a way to escape them. Jasper and the Elite four have hidden a crate in the overworld, in game notifications will keep you updated on it's whereabouts, and if you and your guild can find it and steal the Artifacts it contains from whatever guild may be protecting it then your guild will become the Elite. The Elite Guild is excused from the land tax and will live with ease so long as they protect the Artifacts. Jasper and the Elite have left you many tools to assist your rise to the top. These tools include a stable market, accessed by using "/market", and Mythic Chests which can be opened with $5,000 and will reward you with rare and magical tools and weapons. Connect to Vysteria today and join the race to claim the overworld.

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