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Project Reality aims to be the home for minecrafters interested in a life simulation hosted in a different era where we aren’t as established as we are in real life in our current time. Our server would like to say we are dated around 15th century. A place of time where things were not as easy to acquire. In project reality we make it feel like home, cozy, a place to enjoy your stay. We offer a vast variety experience of gameplay. We are not a easy place to come and get every ingame item on request, like in the old times you had to step out of your front door and go venture off and scavenge all your resources to situate your life. We act the same way, we have a huge open world with everything in arms reach. Go get yourself a job and become a working person in the community to stay stable and become part of our Economy aspect. We are based off of economy, we have a list of plugins that we either created ourself or use to maximize a interactive community. We use Shops, have server jobs, player hosted jobs, were you have chances to make money. Our mainland is based off of an island off the coast where you will find everything you need to interact with our server. On the island you will find the Townhall which has our Courthouse, and Police Headquarters, aswell as the Job Listings bulletin board. It has a really nice cozy feeling to it. You will also find multiple shops that are available to rent by the public for store purposes. This is prime realestate as it is on the servers main island. The highest flow of where people will stop by, a good place to rent and sell stuff. You will also find 2 Taverns that are available to rent aswell to sell cooked meals and beverages. Sometimes if not being rented often they will be admin operated and open for business for your hungry belly. Since we are an Economy server we operate with 2 balances for your money, we have your Wallet Balance which would act as the cash you have in your pocket, and our banking system where you can store your money without worry of loss. We implemented the banking system to give the option because when you die Health Insurance Charges and it will be taken from whatever money you have on your person. To give a twist to things we also have a fully functioning casino where you can play slot machines, roulette, blackjack, texas holdem. For those gambler feeling people we are here for you aswell. Now to introduce our ranking system. Our server does have Server Rules, we also have ingame laws.

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