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  Minecraft Version 1.10.2
  Country US
  Owner TechMonkey
  Tags Survival Economy Roleplay Vanilla 
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Welcome to Mirrasil, a realm where nature is more powerful than magic, races of all manner walk the islands, and everyday is an adventure of your own creation. We are a dedicated, Medieval Fantasy Minecraft Roleplay Server with a casual and small community. We’re home to, and welcome to players with all manner of experience and skill level, from those who’ve never roleplayed a day in their life, to those who could possibly claim the 10,000 hours of it required for mastery. Our stories are just about as various as the roleplayers on Mirrasil, for every story you participate in has been made by players, and our stories are player driven. Mirrasil is a realm comprised of islands where each holds a new adventure for the curious explorer. Some hold opportunities of peace and prosperity for the calm individual who desires to create a homestead, be a craftsman, or start a family. Some hold opportunities to fight fearsome monsters, armies of foes, and the very elements of nature itself for survival to the individual who desires to test their strength. For some, it's now been years on this island and there are towns for people to live peacefully in, but only the Primals and Nature are the obstacles keeping you from starting your own civilization and creating your own adventure on Mirrasil. Mirrasil is rated PG-13, meaning profanity, gore, and explicit RP is advised to be kept to a minimum if it must be roleplayed at all. We cannot guarantee the actions of every player, we do intend for Mirrasil to be open to audiences of the age of 13 and upwards, so player discretion is advised. Disclaimer: We on Mirrasil know that there are bad notions floating around about us on other servers, but before you judge us off the opinions of others, please join us yourself, and let you make your own decision about Mirrasil. How to Join , Register on the site. http://mirrasil.com/

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