Galactic Craft

  Status Online
  IP Address
  Online Players 3/40
  Minecraft Version Paper 1.13
  Country US
  Owner XGN_XLency
  Tags Survival Faction PvP Raiding 
  Last update 4711 minute(s) ago
  Votes 11
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=========================================================================================== Galactic Craft is a server that was established in 2012 as a Realm. Since then, we've grown into a larger community. Nowadays we have large battles, factions, newer ships, and new guns! We wish to see larger battles with you taking part in them! We hope you decide to join us! =========================================================================================== Here's a list of what we have! +Custom Guns! +Custom Plugins! +Custom Events! +Custom Roleplays! +PVP! +Kits! +Factions! +Flyable spaceships, boats, and submarines! +Custom Resource Pack! +Unique Ranks! +Shop! +Capture The Flag! +Minigames! =========================================================================================== Here are the guns we have! +E-11 Blaster +DH-17 Blaster +DL-44 Blaster Pistol +TL-50 Heavy Repeater +DC-15 Blaster Rifle +DC-15A Blaster +T-21 Blaster Rifle +DL-18 Blaster Pistol +E-5 Blaster +SE-14C Blaster Pistol +DLT-19 Blaster Rifle +RT-97C Blaster Rifle +EE-3 Blaster Rifle +EE-4 Blaster +DLT-19X Blaster Sniper +CJ-9 Bo Rifle +MPL-57 Barrage Launcher +Thermal Imploder +Sonic Imploder +Flash Grenade +Impact Grenade +X-8 Night Sniper +E-5C Blaster Rifle +DC-17 Blaster Pistol +E-5S Blaster Sniper +F-11D Blaster +FWMB-10 Blaster Rifle +SE-44C Blaster Pistol +Valken 38X Blaster Sniper =========================================================================================== We hope you decide to join us! If you have trouble joining, please visit our support center on our website! Thanks! ===========================================================================================

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24.44.***.*** 2019-04-22 03:08:18
24.44.***.*** 2019-04-21 02:43:54
2605:e000:ad5f:9000:95c0:2d2f:2fc1:87cd.***.*** 2019-04-21 06:32:37
24.44.***.*** 2019-04-20 04:19:36
76.182.***.*** 2019-04-19 07:48:27
144.133.***.*** 2019-04-19 12:07:32
75.82.***.*** 2019-04-13 06:12:06
75.82.***.*** 2019-04-06 12:39:19
72.66.***.*** 2019-04-04 09:46:34
75.82.***.*** 2019-04-04 08:14:12
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Galactic Craft

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