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Welcome! Hey guys, this is Superpiggy02 (The Owner Of 'Crazy Factions') and i will be telling you about the server. Rules: Don't Disrespect Staff Don't Swear Don't Advertise Don't Be Racist Use Common Sence If Your Not Going To Be Nice Dont Say Anything! Arguments In /Message Don't Cheat/Hack Don't Spam Don't Abuse Glitches Don't Ask For Staff/OP!!!!! Main Staff: Superpiggy02 (Owner) Beats8 (Co-Owner) M0uth_Almighty (Co-Owner) CubScoutGirl111 (Head-Admin) IceGaming10 (Admin) KAOS1247 (Head-Mod) Description: Crazy Factions is a nice little server with great staff which respect each new player and constant players! We dont like people that join then leave because we thing it is kind of annoying and doesnt help the server even the smallest bit. Community: All we want is a nice community big or small with nice players that enjoy the server and are willing to keep coming back for more. We do not tollerate players that join then leave we find it very annoying! What We Have: We have a mobarena! We have a PvP Arena! We have Main Land! We have Events!!! We have Factions We have raids We have many many many things to do!!! Donations: Donations help the server stay up and help the owners upgrade the server and make a larger community for everyone to enjoy and have fun! You get prizes and ranks for donating!

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Crazy Factions

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