Frequently Asked Questions

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What is

Minelist is a multiplayer server list for Minecraft to find the best servers by version, country, game mode, rank, and players online. You can add your server for free to get more players.


How do I add my server to the list?

To add your server you must start by creating an account. Then, you just need to click the "Add Server" button and fill all your server details. You can only add a server if you are the server owner or you have been authorized by the owner.

Do your support Hamachi servers?

We don't support Hamachi servers and will never do it.

What is Votifier? Do you support it?

Votifier is a plugin implemented by server owners whose purpose is to get notified when a player votes for their server. Server owners can enable Votifier when adding or editing a server. More information can be found on the official plugin page.

Do you allow Cracked/Offline servers?

We don't accept cracked/offline servers and will never do it.


How do I vote for a server?

To vote for a server you need to visit the server's page and click the green vote button. Then you will be required to enter your Minecraft username and complete a Captcha for security reasons in order to submit your vote.

How often can I vote for a server?

You can only vote once a day for each server. The current listing time is 2024-05-17 18:21:27 Central Time.

How often are votes reset?

Votes are reset at the start of every month.


Your server is checked every ~5 minutes. When a server uptime drops to 0%, the server is automatically deleted if it has not been online for the last 50 days.


What is the "Premium" option?

Premium Membership is a paid (optional) feature to highlight your server in the listing to get more players. For more information visit Premium page.

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