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[h3]Welcome to RonanCraft, the greatest server experience in the galaxy![/h3] [br] [br] RonanCraft is a open Minecraft community bent on making the best minecraft server to date! [br] [br] Our goals: [br] [li]1. Build a server with tons of features that offers only the best content, for free![/li] [br] [li]2. Create content for Youtube, Twitch, and other platforms to raise awareness for the charities we support![/li] [br] [li]3. Grow a community of friends and fans who share our passion to help others, or who just want to have fun![/li][br] [li]4. Give money from donations to our server, our channels, and through live streams and events to do monthly drives for charities all over![/li] [br] [li]5. Strive to be supportive and open to everyone, spread the messages of goodwill and compassion to the Minecraft community, gaming world, the internet at large, and beyond![/li] [br] [li]6. Help make the world a better place![/li] [br] [li]7. Share the fun doing it![/li] [br] List of features: [br] 3 main servers: Survival, Creative, and SkyBlock. [br] 4th in development server: MiniGames. [br] [br] Major features: [br] Free to join. Friendly staff. Network wide chats interconnection. [br] User friendly, GUI type menus. Two way Discord integration. Open Forums. Free, earnable ranks. [br] Loads of cosmetics and options. Many custom made plugins and options. [br] Constant support and upgrades. Upcoming Youtube content. [u]And Charity!{/u] [br] [br] Survival: Roomy. Anti grief. No pvp. Death chests. /back. Custom crafting. [br] One player sleep. Mob heads and more! [br] [br] Creative: Free, 123x123 chunk aligned plots. Tons of options. Extra blocks. [br] World Edit. Plot settings, time, weather more Special effects abilities. Player aesthetic heads. [br] Creative events and community interaction and more! [br] [br] SkyBlock: Two difficulties. Challenges. Spawn eggs. Spawners. [br] Custom crafting. Ore Gen. Grief and mob protection. [br] [br] Join and experience Minecraft Evolved, and help us make the world a better place! [br] [br] Twitter: SuperRonanCraft [br] IP: [br] Website/Forums: [br] Discord server: [br] Youtube:

Server Details

Server Status Online
Server Address
Online Players 0/256
Version 1.12
Uptime 0%
Location United States country flag United States
Last Ping A few seconds ago
Submitted 2016-02-24 12:54 CT
Last Update 2019-05-19 22:41 CT
Game Modes Survival Creative Skyblock Vanilla

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