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DissentionPvP Dissention; who are we? DissentionPvP is a factions raiding server looking for new active members to build our community and have a laugh with! Some of the main plugins making this server are: McMMO, Factions, Jobs and Obsidian Destroyer. These plugins allow you to create and build up a powerful faction, join 3 jobs to get money and you’ll passively gain McMMO levels to deal more damage in PvP. Obsidian Destroyer also allows you to use TnT Cannons to gain access to another factions base. Why us? Dissention can offer you active and dedicated staff members that’ll make sure your playing experience is the best it can be; meaning that if you have a problem In-game with not being able to execute a command or you believe someone is cheating they’ll always be a staff member that can help you out. Other than good staff we bring you a ton of In-game ranks to make sure you’re always doing something for a reason! Some neat plugins we have include: The silk touching of spawners, Auctions, Playerheads, Easy lifts (Use a sign, teleport up or down) and also No cheat and anti xray to make sure the experience for the legitimate players is not ruined. Are we recruiting? Yes, but. We WILL NOT accepted anyone until you’ve played a reasonable amount of time, at least a week before even considered! Trust is important with staff and so is grammar, in only rare occasions will we grant someone staff if they don’t have Skype as well, communication is also important. STAFF DO NOT GET AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE OVER NORMAL PLAYERS.

Server Details

Server Status Offline
Server Address mc.dissentionpvp.com:25869
Online Players 0/100
Version 1.14
Uptime 0%
Location United States country flag United States
Website dissentionpvp.com
Last Ping 3 minutes ago
Submitted 2014-09-06 13:30 CT
Last Update 2019-05-19 22:41 CT
Game Modes Economy Faction McMMO Raiding

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