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[h3]Lands of Elysian[/h3] [h3]Welcome to the Lands of Elysian page![/h3] [h3][/h3] This server is predominantly a survival based server but has added features to enchance and expand your gameplay. The primary objective is to climb the ranks within the server, each rank gives you more perks to play with to further open your enjoyed experience. Ranks are earned through multiple parameters: MCMMO level, Wealth and playtime. Acquire the set amount for each rank to obtain the next rank. Premium ranks may also be won through the use of Crates or by donating to our buycraft shop. [h3][/h3] Server: [h3][/h3] Buycraft: [h3][/h3] Discord: [h3]Acheivements[/h3] [img][/img] [h3][/h3] Aquire hundreds of achievements throughout your gameplay on the server to gain rewards, the more you complete the more you earn. More achievements will be added throughout the lifetime of the server so you'll never be short of ones to collect. [h3]MCMMO[/h3] [img][/img] [h3][/h3] Level up your skills with the use of MCMMO, become the most skilled person to roam the server, not only for braging rights but to help aid you in your endeavorous. [h3]Crates[/h3] [img][/img] [h3][/h3] Aquire new hardware with the help of our crates! Earn, buy or win crate keys which you can use to open these special crates to potentially nab yourself especially handy tools or other glorious rewards! [h3]Greif Prevention[/h3] [img][/img] [h3][/h3] Preventing grief from mischievous players is a must. That's why we have the grief prevention plugin to help you claim land all for yourself! Its as simple as using a golden shovel. Want to trust people on that precious land you own? That can also be easily done by you. But have no fear, if that once friend goes rouge and tarnishes what you have, we have the ability to redo the wrong. [h3]Jobs[/h3] [img][/img] [h3][/h3] Jobs are a useful way of earning money that can be used on many other features. Promote yourself up higher levels within jobs to earn more money per action. Become the wealthiest player there has ever been.

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Server Status Offline
Server Address
Online Players 0/50
Version 1.1
Uptime 99.5%
Location United Kingdom country flag United Kingdom
Last Ping 3 minutes ago
Submitted 2019-02-07 12:11 CT
Last Update 2019-05-19 22:41 CT
Game Modes Survival Economy McMMO PvE

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