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ip: Website: Youtube: Album: Dynmap: Statistics: [img][/img] Hello! We would like to invite you to join our new SMP PvE server, We started up a little over a month ago and already got a friendly community and a helpful staff team ready to assist you. We are a completely free server, meaning there is no donation ranks or perks of any kind. But fear not - we have lots of fun ranks, features and plugins for our players! Here is a list of some features and things you can do on the server; [li] Edit armorstands [/li] [li] Backpacks for extra storage [/li] [li] Create portals made of wool to connect your areas or friends areas. [/li] [li] Make elevators [/li] [li] Use colored text on signs [/li] [li] Create cities - we have a city system with tiers and each completed tier is rewarded. [/li] [li] Players and mobs can drop heads when they die. We have a couple chestshops set up in the market selling decoration heads aswell, to give your builds the little extra touch. [/li] [li]Create your own shop in our market world. [/li] [li]Endless amount of materials in our resourceworld [/li] [li]Two protectionsystems; Griefprevention and Blocklocker. [/li] [li]Economy [/li] [li] Hopperfilters - place itemframs on hoppers to sort what items they can take and not. [/li] [li]Statistics - see how many hours you've played, blocks placed, diamonds mined and much more! [/li] [li]Catch animals using eggs [/li] [li]Store xp in signs [/li] [li]TreeAssist makes cutting trees easier than ever before - it even replants for you! [/li] [li] We have a creative server, where our players can use worldedit [/li]inside their plots.[/li] [li]Upcomming feature; Bosses![/li] All the information about features, commands, shortcuts and more can be accessed via our in-game menu, to open it just left-click with a seed or type /menu. We are looking foreward to see you in-game! Best Regards BlockyNights Staff

Server Details

Server Status Offline
Server Address
Online Players 0/100
Version 1.14
Uptime 98.2%
Location Denmark country flag Denmark
Last Ping A few seconds ago
Submitted 2015-05-23 01:20 CT
Last Update 2019-05-19 22:41 CT
Game Modes Survival Creative Economy PvE

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