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In this server, there are only two factions. Stonehill and Frostridge. These two clans are constantly waging war, fighting to gain territory, fighting to gain power. But only one faction can be the strongest one. And it is up to you to decide which one. The gates to each faction are always open. This allows for the clans to be raided without the use of TNT. Therefeore, it is up to you to protect your faction with your life, to defend it from your enemies. Kingdoms of Ember has a great community with friendly staff and players! Players are free to make suggestions, comments, and constructive criticisms about the server. These will all be taken into consideration by the staff. This server is quite unique. The server owners have played on countless Factions PVP servers, and therefore know what they like to see in a server. And trust me, Factions PVP can get really boring. This is why we put a twist on this! In Kingdoms of Ember, there are only two enemy factions that are fighting against eachother. There is no need for raiding with TNT or wasting your time with obsidian covered in water. No, that's not the point of this server. The gates to each faction are open, and it is your duty to defend it against enemies with your sword and bow. PVP is everywhere in this server. As players in other servers, the owners know that PVPing is really important and fun in a server. In Kingdoms of Ember, you get to attack players at your faction home, at the enemy's base, in the no man's land between these two, and in our two PVP arenas! Kingdoms of Ember has many great plugins to make your playing experience much more fun! A few of our awesome plugins are: - Factions - KitPVP - McMMO - WorldBorder - floAuction - CombatTag - And more! Visit for more information.

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Version 1.14
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Location United States country flag United States
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Submitted 2014-08-06 22:35 CT
Last Update 2019-05-19 22:41 CT
Game Modes Faction Kit PvP PvP Raiding

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