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Welcome to RazeCraft-PvP RazeCraft is a brand new PvP, Factions, Raiding and Griefing minecraft server. On RazeCraft you will be able to enjoy the best minecraft experience: Form Factions and take town your foes! Become the server superpower and dominate the world. -Create proud and formidable kingdoms, or create mountain fortresses worthy of the dwarves themselves! -Work your way up the achievement ladder, becoming the first RazeCraftian to slay the Ender Dragon, Wither, and Guardian (Yes, the dragon is still alive). -Claim the heads of your fallen enemies and display them on your wall! -CombatLogging! There is no way out of a fight now! Once you begin a fight you are not able to log out. If you do you will be instantly killed and your enemy will proudly claim your head and items. -Are you sick and tired of finding buy to win faction servers? This is the right place for you! While our donation ranks will support RazeCraft and make your challenging survival experience less formidable, default users will still have every opportunity to slay you on the battlefield. -We also have a variety of log-blocking and lag-managing plugins to keep the uptime at a maximum and a lag rate at a minimum! I look forward to taking your head for my own in the world of RazeCraft (Yes, I will be playing in survival with the rest of you -- anything else would just be lame). Will you accept my challenge? Can you Raze everything while creating the ultimate Minecraft legacy? Join me on RazeCraft-PvP! RazeCraft-PvP.beastmc.com

Server Details

Server Status Offline
Server Address razecraft-pvp.beastmc.com
Online Players 0/0
Version 1.8
Uptime 0%
Location United States country flag United States
Last Ping 3 minutes ago
Submitted 2015-01-23 21:55 CT
Last Update 2019-05-19 22:41 CT
Game Modes Survival Faction PvP Raiding

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